29 mai 2013

To Change or Not To Change

The paradox of our lives is that we love new stuff, but we freak out at the slightest change of routine.
We have easily adapted to consumerism and we feel the need of new clothes, new electronics, new cars, new flowers etc. all the time. However, if there is a change in our neighbourhood or the traffic is closed on a Monday morning on our street, you will hear a lot of swearing. And so, I have to admit, I am a little bit confused: we want new, but without a change. Now, that will never get us anywhere further. Or maybe we work with small changes, not being able to adapt to sudden changes.
We are the generation of bigger, better, faster, more, but we miss out on essential, life, mystery or useful. If we kept in mind also the last ones, maybe we would feel a little bit happier and embrace the new in whatever shape and sudden change it would come. Bigger is not always useful, better is not always essential, faster is not about life, more is killing the mystery. And the thing is we have a life to live and we are in a rush to the finish line, but we miss out on the "take a breathe to feel life".

27 mai 2013

Market(ing) rules

I am not really referring to the marketing as we seem to perceive it in our every day consumerist world, but rather in a more traditional context. We have the market products which are usually brought in the city, no matter how big or small, by the producers of fruit and vegetables. And as I thought that is the place to find real value for the products that are bio, it turns out I was mistaken. First of all, not all the products in the market are naturally raised in Romania. Some or imported and the conditions for their development are not the best. So, if you want to buy imported food, please try the supermarkets. They may be better in terms of pricing and maybe even freshness. Second of all, it turns out that even the people in the market have this unwritten rule: Friday, Saturday and Sunday the prices are bigger. Also, the best days to shop in terms of price and quality is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It turns out Monday is not really a market day, though the market is open. And I found out all this chatting with elder people. I asked all my friends and it turns out that only those who are working in corporations know about this rule. It turns out it was sort of adapted to their way of life. That is why I say once again, life should not be about work Monday to Friday and 9 to 5. It should be about the work you can do even outside these hours and days and it should be about the freedom to move and do your regular tasks in those hours also. We are missing out on normal lives the more we seem to lose out of our sight the importance of living and not giving satisfaction to the strangers for knowing our habits though they know not our names. Look up, look for the sun on a cloudy day and you will notice there is a lot of life beyond the schedule you have so particularly made for your next 30 years! Make life after your own rules, don't let the marketing ones make it!

24 mai 2013

the Value and Appreciation

I look at lots of people from former communism countries who make it in more democratic countries and I realise there is something rotten in the way we are thinking. We somehow don't give the right to anyone to stand up and say "I am valuable/talented". And it's a little bit crazy because we don't really have very good criticising criteria. We are killing any talent in the bud because someone else can and we didn't have the courage to try it. And it's actually based on our frustrations and our need to be appreciated that we seem to still suffer from. The strangest thing is we are killing our own ideas in the bud and there is no one else's fault we leave our dreams behind. And from this frustration we stand tall and criticise anyone else who dares to stand up. Stupid or not, let the public decide the value of one. And the appreciation will come to those who deserve. This is the most important lesson people in human cultural history has learned when coming out of the Middle Ages. And in Romania we were also encouraged to write at the beginning of our writing era. And there was this smart guy who said we first need to create and then judge values. I believe in this. It's a good lesson from history of culture and we should listen to the past if we want to forget about the manipulation and the times when we were guided to like some people. Those are no longer values. We make the values, but we should let them be expressed first and then separate. It happens in a natural way and we just witness the whole process. It's a democratic choice we have to let happen!
Good luck and follow your dream if you have one!

23 mai 2013

Life is very descriptive

You just have to have your eyes wide open. Keep them up to feel the sun, the light, to see the nature and all coming with it... even the rain and the storm.
I took a walk down the street and under the trees. I avoided dangers such as street dogs and I faced my fears. My major fear of thunder hitting me. It was a bit scary with the sky, the noise, the lightning and still I kept on walking. My feet were leading me home. The whole walk made me think that our fears keep us indoors when nature shows its dark side. And it's not really normal. We live in a city and the more we grow into these urban settlements the more "don't" we get. We become less free of our true nature and therefore the nature forgets about us. Our city turns into a common settlement for citizens and we dehumanise. Let's rather keep our natural rhythm going and face the fears. And maybe then we will see the true beauty of nature even on a rainy day like today.

Urban anthropology

I get to walk down the street and up the street in search for inspiration from time to time and I find that there are a lot of characters with probably interesting stories to tell. For example, I noticed there are some street people who live in the same neighbourhood they know for years. The funny thing is they don't have a home, but they continue to stay down the streets they know. They could be nomads and try to find shelter somewhere else, but they prefer the known land. And one day I saw this street woman who was giving advice to a new mother walking her baby. I found it charming because for one moment she was no longer lower, socially speaking, but an equal or even higher in terms of knowledge. I am always afraid of these people because I don't believe I get them. And I feel most normal people think like me. Still, I may be wrong in some ways. They are human, after all. And the house is not a condition for being human.

22 mai 2013

Shopping style ...

I seem to have forgotten the way shopping with girls used to be like. So, I have spent half an hour in a shop to find the right clothing elements that fit my best friend. She was there with me, not to worry. And in the end, she finally made up her mind and found something nice. I am happy for that! 
The rest of the comparison will be shared in private notes.
Just the drop off will be now shared here.

20 mai 2013


I have learned about the meaning of this word the hard way: I discovered if anybody around me had a problem, I would live it like it was mine. And it still gives me nervousness, sadness or happiness the state of mind of the one next to me. So, I have learned in time that in a way I can be immune to all this torment going on around me: I have learned to travel with the earbuds boosting with music in my ears so I don't hear the crazy hectic world around me. And that is how I came to realise empathy can be defeated if you become an ignorant to the human problems and your life may become your own again. Because, I tell you, it's pretty difficult to have a life when empathising with strangers' problems. Ignorance is bliss!

Think fast and choose wise

I find it is quite often that people start looking for a better paid jobs and not for building a career and developing their knowledge. I was raised in an uprising society going from comunist to democratic thinking. And we have lost this idea of building a career since the need for money and the urge to buy more in order to be more western. And we are the perfect developing market for the goods coming from the western world which has been a model for us for a long time. I believe this is pretty unhealthy and that is why we come across doctors doing sales and engineers giving up their ideals to sell goods. We are consuming and the jobs are eating us alive instead of us making our lives more beautiful by building our dreams and taking on challenges to find solution to problems. This whole chaotic system is not healthy or long term constructive for a society that's recovering from the communist propaganda where everybody had a job right after finishing high-school, professional school or university, where you had the chance of getting a house once you had a job and where each family was entitled to one car. Remember the fact that we had very little chance to make our plans come true. We were going ahead according to a pattern everyone was respecting. And the times were more romantic, but we need to move on and fight the major changes on the planet: human population is bigger, the globalisation is stealing our national identity and the present economical crises is making competition even bigger. We have to learn to be competitive and to do what we like in order to be happy and to love the job we have chosen. I have discovered many people reach the age of 30 and they are not happy with their jobs, but they don't think of their career as a long term plan. And the good side of it is you don't have to make the plan for the rest of your life, you just have to follow your dreams and the ways will be ahead of you. So, think fast and choose wise...

The miracle of interneting

You come across a problem and if you know how to google it, you will find the basic answers even to the most scientific questions. I came across a back pain which was pretty difficult to characterise and point out. So, I googled it and discovered the area was defined by a big muscle, then I have researched the internet for the respective muscle pain and found pretty simple answers to something that was quite difficult to define for a non-professional. I found the idea was pretty simple and anyone can do it. Just reminding everyone, I am not a doctor, not even a very good student in human biology. This is the miracle of interneting.

18 mai 2013

The white trees

I have always been fascinated by the fresh look of trees in spring. Still i learned recently that the white on the trees are meant for rodents to keep away. And as a secondary consequence the insects are also confused by the white color. Side effects that make you wonder if the practice is healthy or not.
Still, I loved the look the trees have. It gives you a sense of freshness.

Silence we speak

I took the chance to dare my mind to analyse the speaking that goes on around me. And I realised that no matter how loud and how much we speak, we don't say what we think, we don't express our feelings, we don't dare to say we care, we hide behind our words, our laughter, our voice and we end up doing useless exercises of speech. I see people using words in stories that make them seem different than they are, I see words used to manipulate, I see words being spoken in humiliation. And I believe we are not worthy of our human condition since we are supposed to sit up straight and deal with our fellows bipeds, not lower our heads, not hide our hearts we learned to speak of, not use our hands to speak or to show our superiority. We are meant to use our voice with the wisdom of our mind. Otherwise I believe we are missing the point of being human.

Stand up straight and tell me what you think, feel, want!