8 iun. 2011

Reason to vote

Over a hundred years ago people were fighting for their right to vote. First low social classes, then slaves, then women. 
Nowadays everyone is entitled to vote for the preferred candidate. However we, as individuals, don't seem to find the preferred candidate to vote for anymore.
And they don't seem to get to our senses for us to do so. Or we don't seem to make them change something. Actually the funny thing about voting is that you get to chose. But if you have no choice, what do you do? You don't vote or you do it for the sake of it.

Our life is based on wishes, beliefs and choices. 
We don't wish for anything anymore because we have the credit cards to pay for everything we wish for this very instant. 
We don't believe in anything anymore because we think we are above a lot of things. And we have too many choices, none of them interesting since the first two guiding lines of our lives are gone. This is the new millennium society which every politician has to face. 

And still, putting aside all this pessimism, I would say we have to look on the bright side. For 2000 years religion has been a very good manipulation in wars, revolutions and votes. Now, all this supremacy had to end at some point. And people grew up together and are now more mature. We are heading towards a new type of HOMO. I wouldn't know how to name it, but it's definite that we are different than our 100 years ago ancestors. And if you look at the society nowadays you realize quickly we have very little guidance in our lives. We see the lowest and stupidest things on tv, we have worse movies to see in cinema every year and theatre has lost its supreme language to a trivial expression which is understood by the masses. So, if consumerism has been so strongly imprinted in the cultural expression, what can be expected from the termites we seem to be? 
Maybe we need more candidates, always fresher or able to reinvent themselves. As long as we don't recall what they did, that's the recipe of success. 

Do you recall what your elected candidate did 3 months ago? No, because it didn't have a major impact on our lives. 

Think of how our grandfathers used to see things: this guy started the war, this guy was a nazi, a fascist, a socialist, a democrat etc. And they used to fight for their beliefs. Today it's no longer a matter of political views. Nobody gives a damn about any doctrine. Not even the politicians who represent a socialist, democratic or liberal one. Today we are born with the indifference towards everything that moves. We are preoccupied by consuming the goods that are put at our disposal. I would even go as far as to say that people are going to vote with great enthusiasm a candidate that would take to the moon and back some electors with him. The thrill is missing from our lives, the fear has gone astray along with our belief in religion (no matter which it may be) and our lives are just as meaningless as our politicians. The mentality has changed and no one seems to care. Which proves precisely my statement from above. We are born immune to the pains of the community, we are deaf at the shout of cry and we have lost our sense in everything. 

It's a mad, mad, mad world and I don't see anybody driving it any saner.